Baptist Traditions & Q

by Clare K. Rothschild

Clare K. Rothschild offers the first comprehensive examination of why current models of Q feature traditions concerning John the Baptist both prominently and favorably. A close hermeneutical investigation of the NT Gospels, including literary phenomena such as the double attribution of sayings to John and to Jesus, contradictions among sayings of Jesus, and significant thematic continuities between Baptist traditions and Q sayings on topics such as the Son of Man and Kingdom of God, support the argument that at some point in the undoubtedly complex pre-history of its redactions Q existed as a source of Baptist traditions exclusively. This study also includes an important new interpretation of the Markan transfiguration narrative.

2007. XVII, 309 pages. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament I 190.

Summary of Baptist Traditions & Q appear in New Testament Abstracts 50/2 (2006): 406; RBL 04/2007 (John S. Kloppenborg); JTS 58(1) (2007) 197—200 (Christopher M. Tuckett); Theologische Literaturzeitung 132/9 (2007) 942-44.